Oct 10 13 3:33 AM

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We used some home brew rules I wrote up for convention games. The rules use a d10 and are quick and simple.

The 1st Battle of Coldstream

Scottish Army

1st Borderers Regiment

15x Regulars

2x MGs

2nd Amalgam Highlanders (in route)

12x Veterans

Royalist Army

Berwick-upon-Tweed BUF

12x Volunteers

1x Logistics Truck

Marches Expedition Force

15x Regulars

12x Volunteers

Turn 1

The BUFs advanced down the road into Coldstream with the BUF command section mounted in a truck. They immediately made contact with one of the MGs in a building that looked down the road into town. The Scottish MG opened fire with an “ambush” and killed 5 BUFs pinning the unit.

Along the field the TAs and Regulars advanced without any issue.

The Scottish MG activated with its ambush so could not do anything. The 1st BR shifted the other MG to the north and was only able to kill 1 TA but the fire from the rest of the unit killed 7 TAs forcing them to withdraw.

Turn 2

The Scots take the initiative but the rolls don’t help much. The MG holding the BUFs manages to kill the BUF commander and this causes them to retire from the field. The MG and infantry on the north side of town collectively only kill 2 Regulars who had gone to ground.

The Royalist regulars return fire killing 5 members of the 1st and the entire MG team.

Turn 3

The Scots again take the initiative and the AH arrive in force from the south advancing across an open field with little worry of enemy fire. The remaining MG moves into the house adjacent to the field the Royalist are in but cannot fire. The 1st open fire on the Royalist killing 2 more.

The Royalist move out of contact with the 1st to open fire on the Highlanders killing 4 (needing 10s to hit). This will leave them in the open for turn 4.

Turn 4

The Royalist finally takes the initiative and with it they assault the MG in the building. During the assault they take 3 more casualties from the reflex fire of the MG, but they destroy the MG team. Down to 8 men and their force commander the dig in within the building waiting for the Scots to assault.

The Scots move behind cover and work their way, from both directions, towards the house. They will have to wait to assault until turn 5.

Turn 5

The Royalist takes the initiative but have no targets to fire at.

The Scots launch an assault from both sides the 1st loses 5 to the reactive fire and their assault is stopped but the Highlands take no casualties and hand to hand ensues. The Royalist give a good showing killing 3 Highlanders but the Highlanders overwhelm them and mop up the remaining Royalist.