May 19 13 6:17 PM

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I've been comparing Warlord Games, Great War Miniatures, North Star 1866 and Foundry to see which I would be happy to use side by side. So I'd thought I'd share my findings.

I like all 4 ranges. I have Foundry Franco Prussian War armies and I want to use the Prussians against Austrians in 1866 and the French in the Crimea. I also have a solid foundation in Foundry Crimean British and Russian sides so Foundry is the scale I want to match.

My personal conclusion is that Warlord Games and Great War Miniatures are the same size. North Star 1866 is in between these two and Foundry. The infantry of all 4 ranges I reckon can be used in the same armies. My preference being in separate batallions if not brigades. The cavalry on the other hand is a diffrent matter.I'd use North Star 1866 and Foundry together, but not Warlord or Great War, although these later two work with each other.

The Great War Miniatures were sized by sight at a show, but I have photos of the others side by side at: