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May 24 11 6:43 PM

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Just got me a whole load of Renegade Late War Germans on Ebay at a bargin price.

Ive never painted WW1 uniforms before and I like Vallejo paints best, what would be best?
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Captain Bigglesmay

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May 24 11 7:30 PM

I would try this....


Whist it is a WW2 paint set, it is the right German field grey for the WW1 and to the best of my knowledge the colours don't change much between the wars.

I've used it before you see and it seemed to work

Well done on your buy


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Old Fogey

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May 25 11 6:32 PM

I don't know why I formed this impression, but I've always understood that in the First World War the German fieldgrey varies according to which region the regiment was raised from. For example bluer in Saxony and greener in Bavaria.

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May 26 11 4:46 PM

Vallejo do a specific colour which is slightly browner and greyer than the battlefront paintsets - ie the Vallejo German Uniform.

Since I am working on the Knotel plate of one of the Pfalz regiments IIRC then this is a suitable colour especially if dry brushed with sky grey. The uniform seems paler than its contemporaries.

Captain Goode

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