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This was my second game with Sam Mustafa's "Might and Reason" rules. I tried them first about 18 months ago but something didn't quite click. However there is something about the command and control system which intrigues me so I thought another look was in order.

How to explain it?

The CinC rolls each turn for a number of "Command Dice" (the better the CinC the more he can try for) which he can then use to improve the chances of his choice of Sub Commander activating units successfully.

A game "turn" however consists of up to four "pulses" depending each pulse on a d4 result so budgeting the extra extra dice is a challenge.

Another twist in the rules is that the quality of a sub general is determined after the units have been allocated to him. Mustafa justifies this by saying 18thC CinCs had to cope with monarchs' favourites in subordinate command roles.

This was to prove my undoing for the second time playing M&R. Despite having an inspired Prussian general with the potential for lots of extra dice and a sub commander generating table geared to give me quality, I rolled a batch of poor quality subordinates. Frederick what were you thinking of?

Otherwise the game systems are relatively simple and straight forward. It uses notional two stand units and although it recommends on table strength counters I made up Principles of War type roster shhets to mark quality deterioration.

With the arrival of Black Powder, I'm not sure I'll pursue M&R much further although there are lots of scenarios on line.

Game pictures

Old Glory 15s Prussians (and a very old Minifig gun - from the days of the Minifig 15mm strips) wait to advance. [And wait and wait - poor dice throwing]

user posted image

Prussian Cavalry advance on the flank. (Essex figures in the foreground, the others a mix of Lancashire Games and some Irregular)

user posted image

And on the French side of the table.... (White uniformed figures OGs. The lads in blue old Minifigs, the gun Essex)

user posted image

The cavalry wings collide. The same sort of figure mix for the French

user posted image

Prussian units push forward. Another mix of figures. My SYW set up has developed over the years and is an eclectic mix of figures.

user posted image

user posted image

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QUOTE (nevermore @ March 07, 2011 07:40 am)
excellent,love the flags they look the biz


With the old Minifig units which had a tiny metal one I persuaded Alan Lumley of Lancashire Games to supply me with spare standard bearers so I could use the larger paper ones. (And thanks to warflag of course)

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