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Jul 3 10 11:14 AM

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I am in the process of putting together a couple of units for the Anglican Church does anyone have a view of suggested ranks?
I wanted to try and integrate the Church ranks and General Synod with the military.

Would a Bishop be a Colonel?
The Church Commissioners - Quartermaster?
Would Privates be Lay People?

What about Deans, Provosts, other Clergy?

Please tell me to stop if this sounds ridiculous, I have been undercoating in the garage for a few hours and the fumes could have gotten to me.



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tim rose

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Jul 5 10 4:47 PM

Stu - if you use the existing Army Chaplains Department rank equivalents then it follows thus:

Chaplain General = Maj General = Bishop
Deputy Chaplain General = Brigadier = Assistant to the Bishop
Chaplain Grade 1 = Colonel = Archdeacon
Chaplain Grade 2 = Liet Colonel = Dean
Chaplain Grade 3 = Major = Canon
Chaplain Grade 4= Captain = Priest

You could then hypothesise that a Lieutenant = Churchwardens and / or assistant priests.

That then means than no ordained Anglican would be under an officers rank and the rest would be made up of lay parishoners which seems about right.

Means promotion for Bishop Bell here in Sussex - but puts him at the equivalent of Fuller for the BUF in Chichester - but that sort of seems appropriate so I reckon that works well for me.

Atb - Tim

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Durham Light Infantry

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Jul 5 10 6:40 PM

Tim beat me to it .

Yes all makes sense and the AL could just adopt the system plus some serving officers would no doubt have to decide whether to jump ship at the start of the crisis.Much harder for them to stay in the army if their church's (majority CofE in the Chaplain's service) leaders rebelled.

My Royalist force have a large RC influence now as a result of the CofE running away plus large number of senior Catholic officers from the old northern families. So my most senior officer is a CF1(Col.)Monsignor.Cardinals are going to be few are far between and not 'officially' sanctioned by the Holy See.

All my York AL force up to the rank of Cpt. are laymen.The officers ranks follow the British Army ranking system up to Archbishop who is a non-combatant at this stage.

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Jul 5 10 6:41 PM

I too have been working on this. I first thought about giving every one a unique rank name based on church hierarchy

private = parishioner or just member
corporal = warden
sergeant = deacon
lieutenant = vicar

That is all the ranks in my games as we are using companies. Each platoon or even a squad would also have a Chaplain with almost equal powers as the unit commander. These perform the role of commissar in the soviet units. Our Iron Ivan rules have such a position in the Spanish Civil War option for the Requete companies. If a unit is within charge range and has the Chaplain present, it must so charge the nearest enemy, but may shoot first.

I am interested in Land Warfare throughout history and beyond, except the Seven Years War, in Europe.

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Aug 26 13 4:12 AM

Anglican League Army organization

I decided to give my Anglican League forces an organization unique to the League and not just a rehash of the Royalist structure.

I am interested in Land Warfare throughout history and beyond, except the Seven Years War, in Europe.

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