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Nov 2 09 4:13 PM

Hmmm, I'm afraid Stronghold have been a " buy at shows only " trader with me for the last few years now. Pity, they have some great ranges.

They also do a range of SCW armoured trucks etc.

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Emperor of the table

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Nov 3 09 9:36 AM

The letter N;


A German company making OO gauge railway terrain and buildings.

Search for supplier.

Northstar Military Figures.

Whilst most of their stock seems to be 25/28mm, they do stock the source books and some terrain my be usable.

Newspaper Clipping Generator. The

This is not figures, buildings or terrain, but you could use as part of a game set-up when giving the different factions their " orders and objectives ".

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#44 [url]

Nov 3 09 9:59 AM

The letter P;

Prieser Figures.

Produce a vast plastic OO scale range figures and items for railways. There may be something that is usable for VBCW.


More railway items in OO scale. There maybe some usable items.

Search for supplier.

Plastic Soldier Review.

As it says, the site reviews lots of plastic figures and often has pictures of whats in the box. Very useful to see before you buy. They also review some plastic guns and tanks etc.

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#46 [url]

Nov 3 09 1:27 PM

The letter R;


Produce some 1/72 early WWII items, particularly French. Some of their card ships etc may also be of use.


A large range of 1/72 WWII, WWI, vehicles and guns in metal. They sell seperate heads and weapons. The figures are tall compared to some others but not as chunky as Britannias.

A copy of their latest list can be obtained by email here

[email protected]

or here

2 Bygot Lane
Cherry Burton, Beverley, North Humberside

Ready to Roll.

A resin range of WWII vehicles. These are more often than not one piece castings of Raventhorpe vehicles with metal guns, hatches. They are expanding their early war vehicles. Lovely Rolls-Royce armoured car.

They also do the RapidFire rules sets and books.

Reiver Castings

Reiver produce various WW2 ranges of figures ( the Italian partisans look very useful as militia/LDV tyoes ) and a range of artillery. They do a Bilbao armoured Car too. They are available from Under The Bed.

RH Models.

Stock the Bandera range of SCW figures and also an Irish Wars range that has very useful figures for militia and LDV types.


Have, and stock, a large range of resin kits including WWII kits. These are very detailed and have some very fiddly parts.


Make OO scale builings and accessories which may be useful.

Search for supplier.


Plastic figures. Latest releases are Gangsters and Police. Some poses look useful.

Red Star Models. Now owned by RH Models (see their entry).

A range of mainly russian afvs in resin. I'm not sure what is in production at the moment.

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#47 [url]

Nov 3 09 5:11 PM

The letter S;

SHQ Miniatures.

A very large range of metal WWII figures, guns and vehicles. There are also some seperate weapons in amongst the accessories if you want to arm other figures. The vehicles and guns are in kit form with rather basic instructions.


Have a very large range of WWII vehicles, guns accessories and some figures in metal. The site has pictures of nearly all the vehicles and guns etc though not the figures.

Stonewall Figures.

Produce the expanding Combat Miniatures range of figures, guns and vehicles. Also stock Fantassin.,shop.index2

S & S Models.

A good range of WWII 1/76 vehicles and also a good range of 15 and 20mm modular buildings in resin. Email for a complete list as not all are listed on the website. Do a Great little Vickers Utility Tractor.

For pictures of a lot of their vehicles;

Have downloadable cardboard buildings including a few freeones to try out.


A range of cardboard buildings. Very good price and make up well.

Search for a supplier.

Sergeants Mess.

An expanding range of WWII figures, vehicles and accessories. Check out the refugee range for boy Scouts and Police figures and the British Infantry range for Homeguard figures.

Shellhole Scenics.

Produce the Friend or Foe range of WWII figures. The latter includes figures, guns and vehicles.

Sergeants Major Miniatures. ( Available from Elhiem )

Do an expanding range of WWII figures. Some may be usable for VBCW.

Solway Crafts and Miniatures.

Produce the VBCW source books and expanding range of printed VBCW flags.

Scale Link Ltd.

Do ranges of OO railway figures and vehicles as well as some of the Scale Model Accessories range of WWII vehicles and figures. Stencil kits for vehicle markings too.


Strongholds range is the old SDD range. It includes crew served weapons like the Smith gun and Northover Projectors. Also some very nice vehicles, Beaverettes, Bedford OXA Armoured Truck, Armadillos and an armoured bus.

They also have ranges of 20mm resin buildings.

Second City.

Do a range of WW1 vehicles, mostly armoured cars. Some of the less commonly available ones, which is nice...

Sarik Vacform.

This is a company who produce a lot of vacform bits and pieces for OO and O gauge railways. Included in these are some canal barges (£6), a Thames barge (£7), a small coaster and a Clyde Puffer (both £8). I bought the coaster off ebay and the plastic is a good thickness and looks easy to make.

Streetlevel Models

Make a range of cardboard buildings and trams. Could'nt see any prices on the website.

Also on ebay with CDC designs


Make a range of 1/72 vacform aircraft kits. It includes some hard to get interwar models.

Stan Johansen Miniatures

Makes numerous ranges that have figures that could be used for VBCW. For a US company has what looks to be realistic postage costs for overseas too!

Some downloadable oo Gauge cardboard buildings including a Victorian terrace ( which is free ).

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#48 [url]

Nov 4 09 10:04 AM

The letter T;

Terrain Warehouse UK.

All sorts of terrain features. Nice resin rivers.

Tracks & Troops.

An excellent site that lists a lot of manufacturers and what they produce. These include figures, vehicles and guns. There are pictures of most items. there is also a link to their online shop.

Tumbling Dice UK.

Produce a wide range of WWI figures, the British of which would do admirably as 1930s Regulars and TA. They have discounted unit packs too.

Transport Nostaglia For Blackpool.

Produce an inexpensive range of trams and buses in card, scaled to OO. you can get a freebie of a 1930s coach in black that would make a good BUF transport.


Produce a small range of OO scenics that may be of use.

Taylor & Smith Models.

Produce card buildings. Currently Hougomont is available and a Normandy range is due for production. buildings in both could be used for VBCW.

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#49 [url]

Nov 4 09 10:12 AM

The letter U;

Under the Bed Enterprises.

Stock Tims Frontline resin vehicles range, Reiver 20mm WWII figures and produce their own artillery range. They also have a SCW armoured car and some WWI pilots, both of which should prove useful. Attend a lot of UK shows.

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#50 [url]

Nov 4 09 1:25 PM

The letter V;

Valiant Miniatures.

Make plastic multipart late WWII figures. The multipart choice of parts means you could use these for VBCW, leaving out the sten guns and Piats if you're not too particular. i have'nt had any of these in my hand but going by what other people seem to say I would judge them to be similar in size to Raventhorpe.

I think they may be from the same stable as Raventhorpe, Ready To roll and Rapidfire.

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#51 [url]

Nov 4 09 1:28 PM

One thing I would say about Valiant is that they are a large 20mm. Be careful when adding these to an existing army.

Drusus: you are a clever man!!



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#52 [url]

Nov 4 09 1:43 PM

just about to add that - they are HUGE compared to almost every toher 1/72 set i own - so much so i've left off picking any up.

'if you draw your sword against your prince you may as well throw away the scabbard'

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#53 [url]

Nov 4 09 1:49 PM

The letter W;

Warrior Miniatures.

They do a WWII range and a SCW range. They are cheap but paint up OK. Unfortunately there are only pics of WWII Russians and the BEST of the SCW range. A word of warning regarding the SCW range, I would recommend the One Piece Casting cavalry but the sculpts of the rest of the range vary tremendously, the ones done by the same sculptor who did the cavalry are not bad but have some strange poses. The worst of the rest are IMHO... terrible! If you are thinking of getting any get samples first of the actual figures you want.

WD Models.

A fine WW1 range of figures, equipment and vehicles. They look very good in the pictures but are on the expensive side. There are items that can be used for VBCW.

White Ensign Models.

Produce and stock a large number of naval items including enamel paints matched to various nationalities naval paints. All sorts of naval accessories etc. Well worth a look for any budding Admirals. The enamels include army colours too.


Make a very useful range of period OO scale buildings and accessories in plastic kit form.

Search for supplier.

Waterloo 1815.

Produce plastic figures. Some contain artillery pieces. some may be usable as for VBCW.

Search for local supplier.

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#58 [url]

Nov 4 09 4:51 PM

w-waterloo 1815; they do a box of WW1 italians that might work for stuff and also stuff like decima 'X' Mas from ww2 that with a little work might be usefull.

'if you draw your sword against your prince you may as well throw away the scabbard'

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#60 [url]

Nov 10 09 12:20 PM

http:[email protected]/3719180643/

preview of waterloo 1815 'italian infantry support group' has something to interest people who want both motor cycles and bicycles - head swaps and you'll have some lovely figures!

trying to resist starting VBCW in 1/72 but i'll be getting these anyway for crossfire.

'if you draw your sword against your prince you may as well throw away the scabbard'

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